Winter Songs —Trust Yourself

It's mid week; it's a busy time of year and maybe its time to listen to a song or two and take a three minute break to de-stress a bit.  A new series for the winter here - every hump day - join us for a winter song.  Taking requests also (please leave a comment —we'd love to hear from you).  Let's start this off with a good old Canadian song (circa 1990) and Blue Rodeo (Trust Yourself) set in the snowy cold north. Happy Wednesday friends!

Jan Halvarson


Coco Cake Land said...

ahhhh yes ... a lovely music break! music has been making my LIFE lately, especially freelancing and working solo ... ! i nominate Lightning Dust "Diamond" XO

cabin + cub said...

Yay for music breaks! Some winter nominations from Roger and I.... although we both know which one of us is more of a music nerd ... cough, cough, Roger:
The Ramones – Danny Says
Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby
Iceage – The Lords Favorite
The Streets – The Edge of a Cliff
Pentagram – Lazy Lady

Jan Halvarson said...

Coco Cake Land - love it! syncronized swimming!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Val and Roger!!! Great requests!

Unknown said...

Oh I love this series already! What a great idea and perfect way to de-stress throughout the week. I'm requesting Hey Jude by the Beatles :)

Erin said...

Winter song? Bare Naked Ladies cover of Bruce Cockburn's Lovers in a Dangerous Time. Love.