Friday Links + Ebay Finds

We were invited by Ebay this holiday season to create a few blog posts and collections with some of our favorite Ebay finds.  Now that's a rabbit hole we can get lost in and so far have happily created five!  From mid-century furniture pieces we'd like to collect to a selection of DIY supplies and kits for the maker; here's some Friday links to them all so far: 1) Gift a Maker, 2) Mid-century Finds for the Home, 3) How to Hack a Frack, 4) Six Must-Have Winter Coats and 5) Funfetti Donut recipe. Follow along with us for a few more weeks if you like, as we dig up more gems from their bottomless vaults ! And if you have any tips on how you search out items on ebay, we're all ears!  Happy Friday!

Jan Halvarson

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