Sneak Peek | IKEA's Holiday Collection

This year, IKEA is celebrating creativity and togetherness by letting children decorate their homes for the holidays. They tell us, "The smallest ones are in charge – supported by the collection, which includes decorations, candleholders, and warm textiles for the bedroom and living room. All of the pieces are intended to create an inviting space filled with holiday warmth and loved ones". The new holiday collection will be available in IKEA stores across Canada this week. Let's take a look!

STRÅLA LED lantern, snowflake, battery-operated $6.99/3 pack.

STRÅLA LED lantern, snowflake $6.99/3 pack
STRÅLA pendant lamp, star $14.99  and VINTERMYS hanging decoration, set of 8 $3.99

VINTERMYS unscented block candle, snowball $3.99/2 pack.

STRÅLA LED decoration lighting, city $24.99

VINTERMYS hanging decoration, nutcracker $3.99/3 pack and VINTERMYS decoration bauble, set of 50 $9.99

VINTERMYS decoration, wreath $14.99

STRÅLA LED decoration light chain, 18 balls $29.99

VINTERMYS gift wrap roll $2.99/each

VINTERMYS gift wrap roll $2.99/each

VINTERMYS gift wrap roll $2.99/each

VINTERMYS gift wrap roll $2.99/each

VINTERMYS hanging decoration, animal $3.49/4 pack

VINTERFINT table-runner $8

VINTERKUL chocolate/marzipan mould $1.99

STRÅLA LED pendant lamp, ring-shaped $29.99

VINTERKUL tin with lid, set of 3 $4.99

VINTERMYS gift wrap roll, double-sided $6.99/each


VINTER 2014 duvet cover $17.99

VINTER 2014 slippers $14.99/pair

VINTER 2014 fabric, spruce $4.99/m

STRÅLA LED Christmas tree mat with lighting, snowflake $39.99

STRÅLA LED decoration lighting, floor $59.99

STRÅLA LED window-decoration, battery-operated $14.99

Jan Halvarson


Julie said...

Ohhh, you're making me want to go back to IKEA and I was just there this weekend! Our Ottawa store had all the Christmas things. I picked up the VINTERMYS hanging decoration, some wrapping paper, gingerbread house molds, tea towels, cookie tins and one or two other things. :)

Melissa Blake said...

LOVE these!!! Hard to believe the holidays are coming. I was in the dollar store today and saw a whole bunch of holidays stuff!

Unknown said...

Ikea is currently in a labour dispute with its employees at the Richmond, BC store. They have locked out the workers for over one year. Though I like the design and price, we haven't shopped there since the labour dispute started. Please consider this before spending your money at Ikea stores.

Unknown said...

I don't know about the labour dispute Craig mentions as I live in the UK, but I have to say I love the gold and white collection IKEA have put together. So clean and contemporary while still being traditional. Bravo!

Julieta Lucca said...

Really can't wait to go get some of those things! Do you know when it's coming out in the UK?


Jan Halvarson said...

Craig - it's been resolved.
Julieta - no, but it should be around the same time.