Round-Up 2015 Calendars

It's that time of year where all of the new calendars are popping up for the new year and it looks like 2015 is going to be another beautiful year.  2014 has flown by and it feels before we know it the holidays soon will be here. Here's a look at a few that have dropped into our radar.

2015 Letterpress Calendar
by Katharine Watson

Honey Bee Wall Calendar
by Rifle Paper Co.

Botanicals Letterpress Calendar
by Linda and Harriett

Energy Wreath Wall Calendar
by Katie Vernon

Gold Foil Calendar
from Leif

Cities by Rooftop 2015 Calendar
by Idle Wild Co.

Appointment Wall Calendar
by Rifle Paper Co.

2015 Tea Towel Calendar
by 1Canoe2

Letterpress Bear Calendar
by Blackbird Letterpress

Universal Spirit 2015 Calendar
by Reverand Michael Alan

2015 Kate Desk Calendar
by Sugar Paper

Jan Halvarson


Erin Brouillette said...

i also really love MAKE's vertical calendar collection - a bit simpler than these - except for the pretty gold dote one!

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Erin, Oh ya - fun find!

alicia carvalho said...

They are all soo goooood!

Megan said...

All are so cute!! We have the one Appointment Wall Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. already hanging in our office, just waiting for January to roll around. Please check out our calendar also: