IKEA Hack Idea | Hanging Pendant Lightbulb

Photo by Borgsmidt | Styling Mette Helena Rasmussen for Real Living

We love the single hanging pendant lightbulb.  In the image above, we loved the version students, Cecille Seremet and Asger Vester made using fabric cord and large wooden beads in the Real Living November issue.  The light is one of those home accessories that just fits in (in so many nooks and corners) in a space.

Although you can pick up a simple black or white pendant light at IKEA (and now red, grey and green);  adding a bit of creativity to it, adds that bit of extra interest and updates the look just a bit.  A super easy hack idea we thought:

Suggested Supplies:
• one hanging pendant light (like this SEKOND version below from IKEA).
• a utility knife (for slicing and splitting the cord)
• newspaper or a garbage bag (to spray paint on)
• painters tape
• copper spray paint
• two or three large wooden beads (like these)
• a shelf bracket or accessory (to hang pendant from)

Step 1: To begin, get ready to spray paint the light socket case using a metallic copper spray.  First, tape off the cord using painters tape, near the light socket portion and then also at the bottom of the socket (to protect it). Lie down newspaper (or garbage bag) to lay the cord down onto to spray against. Spray the socket copper and let dry. 

Step 2: With this project, you'll need to cut the cord (to fit the beads through) and then rewire it (a DIY task that shouldn't be taken lightly.  If you have a friend who is an electrician, perhaps ask them to help).  But if you feel confident in doing this part yourself, here is a link is a good how-to.  Once the plug has been cut off, slip the large wooden beads over and down the cord to the light socket.  Add two or three beads, or if you want more, add more.  Feel free to get creative here.  Then rewire the electrical plug.

Step 3:  To hang, find an interesting accessory to hang it from (like this wooden hand from Hay) but even a budget-friendly EKBY VALTER will do.

Photo by Borgsmidt | Styling Mette Helena Rasmussen for Real Living

Jan Halvarson


melanie.sylvia said...

I just got way to excited about this! Ikea is like an hour away from me & I just went last week...how will I survive until my next visit! I need to make this now!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Melanie -

That's funny! Let us know if you make it! Send pics!

Unknown said...

Very cool....what makes this work is the use of the oversized beads.
Link provided in the tutorial gets us smalelr 3/4" or 1" beads and the ones used in this photo appear to be much larger, almost double that. Where did these large beads (1 1/2" and up) come from? I see them all over the web and can not find a source for the really large wood beads. Also, after the plug was cut off, is the same one used again or was it replaced? My Ikea plug is molded onto the cord
and once it is cut off, I don't think it can be rewired.

Jan Halvarson said...

Hey Annie Oakley - cool name!!!!

Thanks for the heads up for the wrong link. this is the one i menat to link to - https://www.etsy.com/listing/97412134/x-large-round-unfinished-wood-beads-38mm?ref=market -

Also what type of ikea light do you have?


That's so cute actually!!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! It's beautiful. I was thinking about doing bulbs like this in my powder room, but luckily I sketched it out first and realized that they looked like creepy eyes hanging in front of my round mirror. Hahaha. Not a good look! I'll have to find a different spot to try this project though...my house needs one!

Erica Kelly said...

Nice and simple! Interior styling doesn't hurt either.


Unknown said...

Jan, the pendant cord I have is the regular pendant cord set sold in Ikea....whenever I find these pendant cord sets in Ikea or Cost Plus they look the same....plugs molded onto cord...can't see how I could cut the plug and rewire the same plug. Would need to get another plug right? Thanks

Jan Halvarson said...

Annie -

oh yes we see what you mean - yes.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fund idea! I love the bronze color that you added and the hand, although great all year round, is especially perfect during this Halloween season!