DIY Pumpkin Crate Display

Now that October is in full swing, we're finding ourselves slowly amassing a pumpkin brood that rivals a pick-your-own nursery. But honestly, how could you not in this day and age of readily-available heirloom pumpkins? Growing up, we only remember one pumpkin option: the classic, bright orange carving pumpkin. Although there's no denying the classic, now there's such a sophisticated pallet of beauties to choose from: the enchanting burnt orange Cinderella pumpkins, smokey blue Jarrahdales, adorable mini white "Baby Boos," and buttery Fairytale pumpkins..we could go on an on. We love pumpkins because of their decorating versatility--there are equally at home as a table centerpiece as they are gracing the porch. This versatility inspired us to create this DIY Pumpkin Crate Display using this new pallet of colors we've found cropping up at local nurseries. Style it on your holiday table for a stunning centerpiece, give as a hostess gift, or display on your porch. Read below for the tutorial!

You Will Need
Wooden Crate--our crate is a 1/2 bushel fruit crate that we got from a grocer. Pick one up a your local craft store or try clementine crates. They look just as great without top and are better for tabletops without them.
Spanish Moss
Green Sheet Moss
Lichen Moss
Assorted Mini Pumpkins, Winter Squash or Gourds in one color scheme--we used blue hubbard squash, mini white pumpkins, and carnival squash.

1. Fill your crate almost the entire way with spanish moss, leaving about an inch or so from the top. Make sure to pull the moss apart with your hands as you go so that the top layers is flat and uniform, instead of clumpy.

2. Arrange your pumpkins on top of the spanish moss as desired, making sure to leave space between them for the moss to show through.

3. Now you're going to add the sheet moss. Cut or rip off pieces and tuck into the negative space between the pumpkins, covering up the spanish moss. Press down with your fingers until the moss blends in and is tucked around each pumpkin.

4. Rip up tiny pieces of lichen moss scatter around the crate to make the scene look more multi-dimensional. Some green should peak through, but the idea is that the lichen moss mimics fallen leaf debris of Autumn.

5. Give as a hostess gift or decorate your porch with the display. If using as a centerpiece and your crate has a top, snip off wires holding top on with a wire cutter and remove lid.


Contributed by:
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are photography and styling duo behind Heidi's Bridge, a lifestyle brand with a focus on food, gatherings, and workshops. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, you can find them making pies or driving to the mountains. 

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Barbora - Joy of lifestyle said...

Another pumpkins! Love autumn!

Unknown said...

What a visually stunning but simple idea. I love it!