Before and After: Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser

Guest post by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

This mid-century modern dresser was picked up a few weeks ago at a Summer yard sale for a steal. It sat in our living room for a while until we finished a few other projects and figured out what we were going to do to it. It originally came with 2 mirrors that had broken frames, were bulky and weighed a ton. Luckily we managed to sell the beveled mirrors and made back our money on the dresser purchase! Who knew there was a market for vintage beveled mirror.

I am totally in love with the lines of this mid-century piece, the asymmetrical design has so much character and allows for displaying books or plants in a unique way.
The surface of the entire piece was in horrible condition, scratches, water damage and missing trim. Very little wood veneer was salvageable, so we sanded it all down, patched and filled all the areas that needed it and primed it with CIL Smart3 primer. The knobs and pulls were super cool, but also in rough shape with the white enamel coming off and the brass peeling badly.

A top coat was applied in high-gloss Benjamin Moore Advance. The drawer fronts are Mantis Green and the body is Snowfall White. The legs and wood trim were sanded down and stained with danish oil in light walnut to add some contrast to all the white. Lastly, the hardware and feet were primed and painted with metallic copper spray paint.
Check out the final results:

About the contributor:
Nicole Phillips is a Vancouver based Graphic Designer and blogger.
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Anonymous said...

How dreamy! Great makeover!

Hayley said...

Amazing! I would love to get my hands on one of these. Love your color choices.

Unknown said...

wow! i love the mint color and the whole style! never thought to paint the hardware copper!

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous!

Natasha said...

Wow, it looks incredible!