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As Ambassadors for IDSwest this year, we have scheduled a new post each Tuesday this month to highlight an event or people involved with this year's event coming up September 25-28th.  For this week's post, we've asked our fellow Ambassadors the question, "What are you looking forward to this year at IDSwest"?  We thought it would be interesting to hear and see what they are interested in and/or involved with at the show. Here's what a few of them had to say:

Owner, Vancouver Special 

What I am looking forward to at this year's IDS West is the keynote talk on Friday morning by members of the Umbra Shift Design team. It will bring together Matt Carr (the design lead at Umbra in Toronto), along with Lukas Peet (Vancouver industrial designer) and Post Projects (the Vancouver graphic designers who did the branding and package design). Umbra Shift is a new line from the Canadian company Umbra that supports young talent in the fields of industrial and graphic design. It's exciting because it is some of the best product design I've seen in a long time, it's affordable and it's Canadian! Also what's pretty cool is that Vancouver Special will be hosting an "Umbra Shift" pop-up shop at the show this year- a great chance to be one of the first to purchase Umbra Shift products!
Umbra Shift Design

Interior Design Studio

We're super excited to be working on two installations for IDSwest! The first is the central bar, Shed, presented by Caesarstone, where we're creating a garden party atmosphere with amazing products all made in Vancouver. Those products will be repurposed at Sai Woo, a restaurant we're designing in Chinatown opening later this fall. The second is Dauphine, a couture chair designed for William Switzer, a Vancouver furniture maker, that specializes in traditional hand carved pieces. We're exploring youthful luxury by juxtaposing a sophisticated and delicate frame with the Westcoast notion of casual and rugged.

Shed, presented by Caesarstone

American Made Objects

What we are looking forward to most about IDS West is connecting with the BC design community and sharing our latest product, the yet to be named two-in-one candle. A modern take on a classic candlestick form, the candle holder is made of wax and burns down after the taper candle burns.


IDS West has always been a hot bed for interesting and new talent. This year I'm particularly interested in Prototype because it is completely geared to upcoming, wickedly talented creative minds who have decided to grace us with their exciting new creations. The exhibit speaks to the future of western design and what trends will be brought forward in the coming years. I am also excited to visit the GRAY Conversation Stage, this is an interesting and approachable way to invite attendees to voice their opinions on design and start innovative topic discussions amongst peers.

I am preparing my design speech based on lots of recent travel to the south. The welcoming architecture style really spoke to me and I will be teaching you how this influence can warm up any space in your home. Here is a sneak peak at the look I'm referring too!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

IDSwest runs September 25th - 28th/14 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.  More information can be found at

Jan Halvarson

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