DIY Paper Cup Party Crowns

Guest post by Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design

My little ones always ask for party hats even when it is not their birthday! For my son's recent 1st birthday bash, I didn't want to use the standard primary colored party hats I was seeing at the stores. When I stumbled on the Poppytalk for Target line I picked up the paper cups for ice cream and couldn't get over the prints. It dawned on me they would make the perfect paper crowns. Here's how:
Poppy Talk x Target Paper Printed Cups
Thin Elastic

1) Flip over the paper cup and poke a hole in the center with your scissors. Make your way to the edge and cut all the way around. (You can peel off the extra edge you aren't able to reach with your scissors.)
2) Start to cut in diagonal sections around the paper cup to make a crown top. If it helps, etch out this part with a pencil first!
3) Measure the thin elastic around your child's head to make sure it will fit securely. Add a few inches for the inside of the paper crown.
4) Align the elastic on either side of the inside of the paper crown and staple from the inside out (this will give you the tighter result). You can use colored staples for this part! 
Tip: If you staple close enough to the edge of the paper cup, the staples aren't as visible.

This pack of paper cups has the perfect variety for boys and girls and takes minutes to make! A fun way to customize your party goers hats in a simple way:)

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Jan Halvarson


Becky M said...

How easy and cute are these?! Adorable!

Tonya said...

Very cute simplicity!

Lesley said...

love this and they couldn't be cuter!

Aleah + Nick Valley said...

Totally adorable!

Mary Ann (ovationstudio.etsy) said...

Fantastic idea. I am sure to make these.