DIY | Marble Dipped Vase

Contributor post by Rachel of the Crafted Life

After seeing a few marble diys on Pinterest, I finally decided to take the plunge and try it out for myself. It only takes water and nail polish to do, so why not, right?! I ended up having to do the steps a few times before getting the results I wanted, so if you’ve never tried this method before, don’t worry you don’t nail it on the first try (it is possible, I promise!).  I recommend starting with a few practice bottles. Once you find the rhythm, it’s pretty easy!

Time: 10 minutes + dry time
Materials: glass bottle, nail polish, warm water, bowl, toothpick


1. Fill a bowl 3/4 of the way full with warm water.

2. The main thing I learned about marbling with nail polish is that you have to move quickly. Instead of adding polish to the water  drop by drop from the brush, you’ll be able to move faster if you pour paint directly from the bottle. The polish will spread once in the water so you won’t need to pour a lot in. It’s best to keep in simple and stick to 2-3 colors.

3. With a toothpick, swirl the paint together before it dries on the surface.

*Tip, if for some reason your polish is still drying before you can make your pattern, try pouring in two colors at once (one bottle in each hand).

4. Once you’ve achieved your desired patterned, immediately dip your bottle into the bowl, rotating the bottle to pick up the paint. It’s okay for the bottle to go into the water, and might be the easiest way to do this. Just be careful not to tear through your paint.

5. Make any corrections with nail polish remover, let dry, then fill with flowers! Be sure to wash by hand (not dishwasher safe).

Jan Halvarson


Eileen | said...

This looks fantastic! I really must try it myself!


Unknown said...

Do you think this would work to create marbled coasters? I was wondering if the coasters getting wet from drinks would make the colors disappear more quickly than with a vase.

Jan Halvarson said...

Courtney - good question! you might want to spray it with a fast-drying polyurethane to protect them.

Unknown said...

I'd probably suck at this, but it looks AWESOME.

Ashleigh Hodges Photo said...

This is beautiful..... I'm going to try this with my elementary school students! Wondering if this would work on plastic --- recycled water bottles? Thanks!

Becky M said...

Who knew you could do this with nail polish! What a great way to get rid of colors you dont like any more or to use cheap polish! Love this girly!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous! So stunning!

Sophia |

Jelka Lepever said...

Cool! I love this idea!


Colleen said...

Such a fun take on nail polish marbling! I've never seen it done on a translucent surface.

I'm going to have to try it out!

A Polished Mother said...

Great idea!!

Jess said...

Tried this the other day. Maybe it was the kind of nail polish I used, but it ended up looking kind of gross and lumpy.. (also, because I've only done it twice) but I must say - it ruined the bowl I was using, so make sure to use something you'd throw out after. Also, nail polish + warm water = fumes!

Charlotte Spens said...

I loved this idea and I immediately did it after I read it but it doesn't look quite nice as in this example, it looks lovely but very messy. Do you maybe have a video of how you roll the bottle or some tips? Also, the bowl I used is trash now because the polish stays on it and couldn't be removed ... :(

Unleashed Life said...

Love this