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I've been seriously crushing on ferns lately. My uncle's garden is full of them and I've been trying to work them into all of my projects lately! I'm in the process of updating my bathroom and I needed a little jar to store my makeup brushes in and couldn't find one anywhere that was the style I was looking for. I decided to try to make one out of air dry clay because it's one of my favorite materials to use. Easy to use and perfect for pressing plants into.

What you need:
-Air Dry Clay
-Rolling Pin

How to make it:
-Cover your cup in lotion. (Or plastic wrap.)
-Form a 1/4"-1/2" thick circle and cut it to the same size as the bottom of the cup.
-Roll out some clay 1/8"-1/4" thick that is long enough to wrap entirely around your cup.
(**If you want a smooth edge around the top of your jar, use a knife to cut a straight edge before wrapping it around the cup. I left mine as it was when it's rolled out for a more natural look.)
-Start rolling the clay around the cup. Cut the clay where the ends meet and use a knife to join the clay together and smooth out the
-Cut excess of of the bottom leaving about 1/2" below the bottom of the clay base and then use the knife to curve the clay in and smooth across.
-Take the cup and roll it over a fern. Rolling slowly and applying pressure from the inside of the cup helps with an even print.
-I let mine dry for about an hour and then gently twisted the cup out and left the clay jar out to dry for 

Fill it with some makeup brushes (or pencils) and display your new jar for all to see!

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