Things on the Radar | Tropical Prints + Plants

Seeing a heap of palm tree prints and plants it seems lately.  A nice end of summer decor - for the patio or inside.  Here's the links! 

1.  Palm Tree Cushion | Zanui
2.  Split Leaf Philodendron
3.  Thank You Cards | Hartland Brooklyn
4.  Palm Tree Print | Melinda Wood Designs
5. Tropical Leaf

6. Welcome to the Jungle (Wallpaper) | Rebel Walls  (Photo by Nick Scott, Styling Jackie Brown for Real Living Magazine - Sept/14).

7. Green Leaf Philodendron Bowl | Lauren Sumner Pottery

8. Photo by Joe Smelzer

9. Tropical Plant Tote | Amelie Mancini

Jan Halvarson

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