Round-Up Summer Colours Week | Blue

A little round-up of today's blues.  Thanks to everyone who joined in this week, the #poppytalksummercolours feed looks so amazing!  Here's a few links.

Row 1:  @heyladygrey, @yellowelm, @cococakeland
Row 2:  @heatherneale, @septemberwren, @heatherlm
Row 3:  @nessjpires, @weekdaysfromscratch, @cococakeland

And fun news - we're continuing colours week (as how can something this beautiful end so quickly)?  Here's next week's colour schedule (maybe the feed will look like a Mexican Serape at the end of the week)? 

Monday - Sand
Tuesday - Moss + Dark Green
Wednesday - Orange
Thrusday - Grey
Friday -Turquoise

Remember to post each next day's colour after 6pm (Pacific) and no product pics. Happy Blue Friday!

Jan Halvarson


threesixfive said...

I am loving participating in this and am glad you are extending it another week!!

Sew Hungryhippie said...

Following you on Instagram-loving the color week posts! The blue makes my heart sing. So much creativity, just love it on Poppytalk!