Mollie Makes (US Version)

Diid you know there was a US version of Mollie Makes Magazine? We didn't! Our botanical prints DIY are featured in the October issue (we were honoured they asked!) If you're interested in checking it out or subscribing to the US version, you can find more info here. Or you can find it at the following stores:

Books A Million
Sams Club
Hancock Fabrics
Price Chopper
Shop Rite
Stop & Shop
Real Canadian Superstore

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I'm actually a little sad that the UK edition is no longer available in Canada. I loved the little crafty giveaways included with each edition. But I'm happy for you!

Jan Halvarson said...

oh didn't know that.

Mabel Handmade said...

Unfortunately, there isn't anything new in the US edition. They are simply repurposing articles from the UK edition. So, if you've been a fan since UK issue 1, you won't really see too many new things in the US edition. I don't understand why the US issues would't align with the UK issues when they come out each month.