IKEA 2015 Catalog | Trend Report

Ikea sent out their bi-annual trend report recently for Autumn 2014 looking at trends in society, shifts in life at home, and how those changes are reflected in their range of products. For Fall 2014, they say we're taking a closer look at the importance of and search for well-being, the ongoing urbanization, as well as people’s growing need to express their creativity. They also report on the comeback of colour.  We thought this was an interesting read, and thought we'd share a bit with our readers. Here's a few images (from their 2015 catalogue) to explain. (All images IKEA).

Colour | Green

Colour |Yellow

Colour | Blue

Colour | Natural

Colour | Pink

Ikea explains, "To “be creative” is no longer an activity done in isolation, but rather a globally valued character trait that improves both our personal and professional lives. And in a computerized and sanitized world of screens and intangible elements, being creative with our hands and minds is becoming something we increasingly crave. Something that allows us to express our personality, and feel some calm".

Well-Being | Private Rooms
Bedrooms and bathrooms are often down prioritized financially according to IKEA. “Most people spend their money on “public rooms” – places like the kitchen and living room; spaces where we socialize and invite people. They offer inspiration "for more functional, beautiful and sustainable solutions" for private rooms. See below:

Downsizing and smart space living are something as a society we're focusing on. According to IKEA, "for the first time in history, more people live in cities than in the countryside. In less than 20 years, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities".  Small spaces and accommodating indoor and deck gardening are just a few of the trends they are seeing, like below:

Visit IKEA in the US for the 2015 catalogue using this link. And here for the Canadian version (mid August). All photos IKEA USA.

Jan Halvarson


apostcardfromwonderland said...

So amazing !! Got to love Ikea !!

Credilya said...

I see the Nornas in these photos but couldn't find it in the catalog. Should I hold out hope that we might actually get it in North America?

Erica Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing this! Even though urban living / micro gardening seems like a long-drawn out trend, the statistics that support its continued momentum give it weight again. As designers, we of course agree with the idea of curating the private spaces of your home to bring prolonged happiness.

Well done, IKEA.

Carolyn said...

IKEA has a nice catalog this year. I loved how they arranged everything.
Carolyn | BLOG

Anonymous said...

I always love the IKEA catalog, and the colour palettes this year look so charming! Sadly, they never even sent me last years catalog so I doubt I'll receive this one either. So sad.