DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Scarf Hanger

Contributor post by  Caitlin of The Merrythought

Recently I saw these simple, adorable scarf hangers at Anthropologie. They're pretty affordable but I knew I had all the supplies that I would need to make them at home already. So I made my own version and even added a little bit of leather!

What you need:
-Wire (I used hanger wire for drop ceilings.)
-Combination Pliers
-Strong Glue

How to make it:
-Use your pliers to hold your wire about 1.5" from the end. Use you hand to bend the end of wire upwards. (**Make sure your entire length of wire is a bit longer than what you will use for this project and do not trim excess until the very end or it will make it harder to bend.)
-Find a round object (that won't get damaged) that is the size of the hanger you would like. Hold the wire tightly to the object right next to where you bent up the end. Wrap the wire tightly around the object. Make sure you wrap the wire a little past the bent end.
-Where the wire meets the bent end, use the pliers and your hands to again make a bend in the wire.
-Then about 1.5" up from the bend, make another slight bend in the wire.
-Use a smaller, round object to bend the wire around to form the top of the hanger. Use the pliers to cut off the excess wire.
-Cut a piece of leather about 1" tall and wide enough to wrap around the two ends of the wire.
-Pull the two ends together and wrap the leather around them, using glue to secure it. I held it in place for about 5 minutes and then used a clothing pin to pinch them together while the glue dried completely.

Now you're ready to grab some of your favorite scarves and put them on display!

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Caitlin McGrath lives in a small town in Western New York. When her face isn't hidden behind her camera, she's usually crafting and daydreaming for The Merrythought, where she is a part of the three lady team sharing DIY projects, recipes, fashion, home d├ęcor & and bits of daily life.

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