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Guest post by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

We thought we'd pull out this gem for this weeks "Best of" series because it's pink day (at our Summer Colours Week) and well, this is a sweet how-to from our friend Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land.
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Rose Buttercream Cake Tutorial

How lovely is a rosette buttercream covered cake? I've always loved the look of buttercream cakes - they have such a sweet and vintage feel about them. I wanted to try making a rosette covered cake, similar to the one I Am Baker helped catapult into cakey internet fame!

I've been really into mixing buttercream colours together lately and I thought a two-tone rosette would be a pretty twist on this cake. It's really quite easy to achieve the rosette once you get the hang of using the piping bag, and if you muck up, you can remove the rosette and smooth the area with your offset spatula and pipe right on top of it! No problemo!

Okay! Ready to make a beautiful swirly girly two tone rosette covered buttercream cake?

1. A baked and cooled layer cake of your choice - I made a three layer 7 inch round vanilla cake, tinted lightly with pink food colour. My awesome cake pal Rosie has plenty of amazing recipes here, or you can make it from a box, too! 
2. Four cups of vanilla buttercream. This one will do very well. 
3. Gel food colouring in pink and purple. 
4. A piping bag fitted with a small open star tip. I used Wilton brand tip #22. 
5. An offset spatula to frost your cake with a crumb coat. 

Make your buttercream according to your recipe's instructions. Divide into two bowls and tint one bowl with the purple and one bowl with the pink. I used just a dab of gel colour (it's potent!) to achieve these colours.

Next, frost and fill your layer cake until you get to the crumb coat stage.

Fit your piping bag with your piping tip using a coupler and a ring.

Like so!

Now, fill one vertical half of the piping bag with the purple buttercream. I use a yogurt container to help with this step - simply open piping bag and pull the sides over the container to help with filling with buttercream.

Fill the second vertical half with pink buttercream. Yes... I know it's not even steven here! That's ok!

Now, squeeze out the bag so the colours run together. Then, pipe away some designs to get a feel for using it. I just practice-pipe on a plain plate or piece of parchment paper.

Time to move to your cake! Start at the bottom of the cake and work your way up. To create this rosette, you want to start piping the rosette in the middle and pipe outward counter-clockwise. I piped three rotations to get this particular look. The key is to keep the buttercream flowing - don't stop piping until the entire rosette is done.

Keep on keepin' on! Pipe the whole exterior of the cake, then pipe the top too!

I love to finish my cakes with a single fresh berry. I also made this ridiculously cute cake flag using my prized "Hello" stamp from the talented Bambs over at Think & Ink Studio.

What's that you say? Cut you a larger piece, please?

And I'll have a side of raspberries with mine!

Anyone have any fun memories of birthday cakes as children? I have fond memories of my mom breaking out the bunny cake pan and coming up with a white shredded coconut covered bunny with black licorice whiskers and jujube eyes!

Hope you enjoyed this buttercreamy fun tutorial - see you again soon!

Meet The Contributor
Lyn­d­say Sung is a baker and blog­ger at Coco Cake Land. She loves super cute cakes, sweet design and snacks. She lives in Van­cou­ver, Canada with her hus­band and tod­dler son.

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Unknown said...

That cake is stunning! Will be trying this out for my niece's 9th birthday in a couple of weeks.

Carrie said...

I can't wait to try this out on my next cake. Your tutorial makes it seem doable!

Jo Martin said...

Might want to check that link - took me to a site I definitely did not want to go to!

Carolyn said...

Wow, great job!
Carolyn | BLOG

Coco Cake Land said...

OMG! Loved seeing this beauty out and about again! xo

Gemily Barbon said...

your cake are good to see: and you too! Great...(。♥‿♥。)