Sneak Peek - August Issue of Inside Out Magazine

We just got a sneak peek of August's new Inside Out Magazine coming out this Thursday (July 24th) and once again it's filled with beautiful interior shots and great features to keep you inspired.   Managing Editor, Lee Tran Lam gave us the low-down on a few of the highlights.  To start,  Inside Out Magazine is opening the doors to one of the homes in the issue! How cool is that?  As Lee Tran tells us, "It's the inaugural 'Open For Inspection' feature we're running. Thanks to Circa Home, readers will get a chance to step inside this eco-friendly family home in Melbourne, as part of a tour led by our editor-in-chief Claire Bradley and our styling expert Lisa Koehler!" Styling by Ruth Welsby. Photography by Martina Gemmola. 

 Also, there's a Best Buys feature on cushions – these cushions are always a nice way to soften up a room. Anything that adds a shot of personality to a room and aids comfy TV-watching or DVD nights can not be a bad thing! Styling by Joseph Gardner. Photography Amanda Prior.

A Kid's Room inspiration story – this one is for a little daydreamer. So there are lots of patterns, pictures and resting spots for books – all good kindling for the imagination! Styling by Jessica Hanson. Photography by Jessica Hanson.

A feature on 'Creating A Mood' – recommendations for music soundtracks, candle selections, petals and greenery, and lovely pieces to get the atmosphere just right. Styling by Heather Nette King. Photography by Mike Baker. Flowers by Fleur McHarg.

The August issue of Inside Out Magazine is out Thursday and is available at newsagents or digitally via Zinio, Google Play, iTunes & Nook.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Do you know where the cushions are from (the images of the cushions scattered on the floor), thanks!

sally said...

I am SHOCKED by how beautiful that plywood headboard looks. They must have treated the board with something to make it gleam like that. Amazing texture!

leetranlam said...

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the wonderful coverage of our new issue on your always amazing blog! It's always a huge honour to be featured on Poppytalk. - All the cushion details are in our new August issue. You can grab it on Zinio, Nook, Google Play and Apple Newsstand if you are in the US. Glad you like the look of what you see featured!

@sally The headboard is made out of an environmentally friendly feature called Novofibre - not only does it look great, it is a zero-pollution product that is really good for the environment, too!