Greetings from Canada | New Letterpress Postcards

Greetings From Canada from Tom Froese on Vimeo.

We're flipping over these 'Greetings From Canada' limited edition run of letterpress postcards we just found out about this week.  Featuring the work of 10 Canadian artists, illustrators and designers, this inaugural volume offers the artists' vision of Canada's perennially elusive national identity. The set is both quirky and beautiful, featuring an eclectic mix of images drawing from the obvious and obscure.

The complete edition was printed on 2 mid-century presses at Everlovin' Press in Kingston, Ontario. Each 2-colour card is made with thick, archival quality, 100% cotton board. We see the cards are popping up in some of our favorite shops in the country from Kid Icarus in Toronto to Walrus and Old Faithful here in Vancouver.  More info at

Jan Halvarson

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Mandy said...

What treasures! So unique and so beautiful.