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Father's Day is just a few days away! Every year I struggle to come up with a fun handmade gift that a dad might actually use. This leather DIY takes just a few minutes to make but add tons of character to a simple flask. Gift this with a bottle of his favorite spirit and Dad is sure to have a grand Father's Day!

What you need:
-Sewing Machine

How to make it:
-Cut out a strip of leather long enough to go around your flask with at least 1" extra.
**-If you want to add a belt loop to the back, do that before sewing the sides together - but be sure to measure so that it will be at the center of the back of the flask. For this, you will need to cut out a small strip of leather that is a bit longer that the height of your leather going around the flask. Pin in place 1/8" in from the side and straight stitch across the leather on the top and bottom.
(-If you want to cut out a design in the leather on the front, I would do that at this point as well.)
-Take your piece of leather and wrap it tightly around your flask. Mark out where the edges touch at the top and bottom. (Keep in mind, if the flask is tapered, it won't be a straight line down.)
-Use pins along the marks you made and straight stitch down the side. You can sew down one or both sides.
-Trim excess thread and carefully slide the cover over the flask.

A few other examples below:

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Lauren said...

I love the one in the first picture that looks like a corset!

Lauren |

Kristin Fleming said...

Great way to customize a flask.