DIY Leather Basket

There's nothing better than simple storage options that add to your room's decor rather than distract from it. Finding new decor that fits in with what you already have is not always an easy task - which is just the type of problem always leads me to a new DIY project! I really love natural, minimal baskets lately and I've been crushing on some leather baskets for the past few months. A huge piece of leather usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so I used some faux-leather vinyl from the upholstery section in Joann's to make my own "leather" storage basket!

What you need:
-36" x 36" Faux-Leather Vinyl
-Measuring Stick/Tape
-1/2" Grommet Kit
-Thick Thread
-Strong Needle
-Cotton Cord
-12x12" Thin Plywood
-2 - 1/2" Wooden Dowel
-Hand Saw

How to make it:
-At each corner, measure 11 3/4" away from the corner both ways and then measure 11 3/4" into the vinyl from those points. You should have a little mark where these two measurements meet. Now draw a line from that mark to the corner of the vinyl.

-Use scissors to cut along this line.

-On one side of your square, you're going to measure out where to put holes for the grommets. On each side, there should be one long section in the middle and two points on the sides (from the adjacent sides.) Measure 5 7/8" from the point of the corner up the left side, then measure 2" in from that point. Make a small x there. Repeat with right side. (So each of the "points" on the outside of the large section should have an x on them. Now measure to the center of the long section (18") and measure 2" in from that point and make an x.
-Repeat with the opposite side of the square.
-Fold the long section in and overlap the pointed sides so that the three x's overlap. All three flaps should line up straight across what will be the top of your basket.

-Follow the steps on your grommet kit to attach the a grommet through the three marks on each side.
-Measure 4" from the center of the grommet on each side and hand sew a little x.
-On the inside, there should be two flaps on each side that aren't secure yet. Pull these up so they are level with the line along the top outside and sew another x where they all come together. You may want to use a dab of hot glue to keep them in place while you dew the x.

-You can insert your 12" x 12" plywood at the bottom
-Cut two 12" pieces and six 11" pieces of dowel.
-Use two 12" pieces along opposite sides of the top of the basket and two 11" pieces on the sides between those. You will secure them by sewing them in place about 1/4-1/2" below the top of the basket. Do about 6 tight loops around each end of each of the dowels making sure to only go through the first layer of vinyl underneath it so the stitching won't show on the front. Repeat with all four dowels along the top.

-The remaining four 11" dowels should fit tightly in each corner of the basket under the dowels that are already sewn in place. If yours do not fit securely on their own, you can use a bit of glue along the corner of the basket to help them from sliding out.
-Cut two 10" pieces of cotton cord. Tie a knot one end (that won't fit through the grommet) and slip it through the grommet and then tie a knot on the other side. You can use these as handles.

**If you find a thicker, sturdier vinyl or leather, (or just make a smaller basket -trying taking 1/2 of each of the measurements listed) you can skip making the wooden frame inside. But attaching the grommet and hand sewing the details will be a bit more difficult.

This basket is a perfect catchall. Throw in toys, yarn, towels, dirty socks… whatever your heart desires! What will you fill yours with?

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Caitlin McGrath lives in a small town in Western New York. When her face isn't hidden behind her camera, she's usually crafting and daydreaming for The Merrythought, where she is a part of the three lady team sharing DIY projects, recipes, fashion, home d├ęcor & and bits of daily life.

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Carolyn said...

Great DIY! Seems like a quick and easy way to change up a space.
Carolyn | BLOG

Kristin Fleming said...

This looks so easy to make. I am so excited!