Before and After: Vintage Side Table with Dipped Tips

Our neighbour had a garage sale in our building the other weekend and I picked up this potentially cute side table for practically free. The awesome part was I just had to pop it in the elevator and take it upstairs to our place! No carrying or driving needed!

There’s a lot of detail on this thing, which required a lot of painting with a brush and going over again with a roller to remove the brush marks. I’m not sure I’d do this style again because of all the grooves in the wood, just way too time consuming and not totally my style, but it was fun to transform and since it was a small piece I decided it was going to be an experiment, so I played around with colours.

It was in rough condition and those knobs just had to go, they were way too much detail for a small piece like this. I’m keeping them for a future piece, maybe I’ll paint them white or a colour, we’ll see when the right piece of furniture comes around.

Now for the transformation, check it out:

Doesn’t it almost look like something you’d find at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie? Maybe I’m just dreaming or perhaps I’m delusional, but I think the pop of colour is a fun mix with the pattern and really makes it look more modern. I jumped on the dipped furniture trend and went fairly conservative with it, just dipped the tips. I really loved the decoupage drawer sides I used on a previous piece so I decided to try it again with a mint green instead of grey. Since there was so much going on with the shape of the table and patterned sides I decided to keep the knobs simple, you can find similar white ceramic knobs at Home Depot.

Editor note:  We recently found out Nicole sells her "before's and after's" after we asked what she did with all of her pieces.  You can contact her HERE if you wish to inquire about buying them, or in general she has a gallery of her amazing furniture projects listed HERE.

Guest post by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart
Nicole Phillips is a Vancouver based Graphic Designer and blogger. You can learn more about her at or follow her creative side:

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Anonymous said...

inspired me to visit the local YMCA this weekend...... love this project well done :)

Caitlin said...

wow that is beautiful! I love the tiny pop of color at the bottom, and the sides of the drawer. so fun.

Lauren said...

This came out so great! I recently found a similar little table on the side of the road and took it home to spruce up. Love the decoupage drawer idea! I might have to try that out!

Lauren |

Nina said...

Looks great! The decoupaged sides look fantastic! Very modern.

Taylor Scott said...

So cute!! I love that pop of yellow! and the decoupaged side is brilliant. Now I am inspired :)

<3 Taylor

Unknown said...

Wow this is gorgeous, you'd never know it was the same one!