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Contributor post by Emily + Erick of Hello Home Shoppe

Upon returning home from our West Coast trip last week, we realized that among our usual stockpile of regional food treats that we bring back from vacation, we had an unusual amount of salt. Strange, but true: we had smoked salt from San Francisco's Beacon Coffee & Pantry, salt harvested off the Oregon coast courtesy of Jacobsen, and a precious vial of Icelandic sea salt from the most darling Portland shop, The Meadow.

With this realization came another: barbarically--we didn't even own a salt cellar to house all our recent kitchen additions! To us, salt cellars have to be up there with citrus peeler as one of those seemingly superfluous kitchen gadgets that you think you don't need--until you do.

Although we used our container for storing salt, one thing we love about this DIY is that it is multifunctional. Use it to corral loose desk knick-knacks, store your jewelry, or even turn it into a hip planter--the possibilities are endless.

You Will Need:
polymer clay
large cork in size of your choice
jar that is same diameter as cork (this will be your mold)
rolling pin
wax paper
sharp knife
food safe shellac (if using it for salt cellar)

1.) Cut a large piece of wax paper for your work area and form clay into a ball.

2.) Roll out your clay until it is flat--about 1/8" thick

3.) Gently drape your rolled out clay onto your jar. Press clay into jar until it takes form of the mold.
Cut off excess clay. Don't worry about it being perfect--half the charm is the loose, organic shape!

4.) Bake clay according to manufacturers directions. Use your knife to gently pry hardened clay off your jar mold.

5.) If you're using your container as a salt cellar, apply 1-2 coats of food safe shellac to seal off the porous clay from bacteria that can grow.

Pop on your cork and enjoy!

Emily + Erick

Meet the Contributors
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Hello Home Shoppe, a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY projects, recipes, and travel. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, they moonlight as locally sourced sandwich vendors in Philadelphia, PA.

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Ingrid Orens said...

Good idea - plus it is beautiful too !!
I have some difficulty finding the translation of the "shellac" you mentionned, i guess it is a type of gum-based laquer or paint ?

Caitlin said...

This is so great! I'm definitely going to have to try it out.

Lovely work, Emily & Erick!

Kelly said...

Please please please tell me about that avocado planter! It is SO darling! Cement poured in a scooped out avocado peel? What did you use inside it to shape the void? Was it made with poly clay too?

Alex Crockett said...

I'm sorry if this is a stupid and google-able question, but I've never worked with polyclay before: Do you think a coat of paint on the outside post-bake, pre-shellac would stay tight?

This seems like a great DIY!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! And it’s so cute! Just like Kelly, I was intrigued by the avocado planter. Do you have a tutorial on that, which I missed?

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