Update: Poppytalk Space (Goodbye Green)!

We've been getting a few emails from folks asking when our new retail and workshop space will be opening, and so I thought I'd quickly post an update on our progress!  It's all been a bit of a whirlwind and if you haven't had a reply back with any emails from us, this project "may" just be the cause.  We were trying to avoid painting, the green, (although lovely) and perfect for a gentleman, was just not working. So Earl's been madly painting this past week and we're happy we decided to go with the white. It's just so much more brighter, bigger and more Poppytalk! (Below is the before and after).  We'll be putting up white shelving on the sides, and we're looking for a "check out" desk (for lack of a better word), so if any of you know where we could find something cool, maybe a little worn out - feel free to contact us. Can't wait to unpack all the goodies arriving! Ordering things has been both exciting and scary.  Do you think 60 boxes of sticks was a mistake? And I've got some crazy things coming in off ebay! We hope to be open early May! Happy Sunday!

Jan Halvarson


Kellie said...

Makes the room not only look bigger but brighter as well. Love the change.

Illuminated Perfume said...

How grand, congratulations! Can't wait to see the evolution. I just signed a lease on a space yesterday and am about to embark on the remodel phase.

cabin + cub said...

Can't wait for you to open! So exciting. We are literally around the corner, so it is so great to know there will be a cute little addition to our neighbourhood. Yay!
Valerie + Roger