Mid Century Modern Style Before + After

Last week I found a cabinet for free and saw that it had some potential under the beat up ugly white paint job. From the inside I could see that it was mostly made of some kind of wood, but it was pretty beat up, so I figured I could only salvage the drawer front and paint the rest of it. The best part, the bottom of the cabinet had brackets attached for legs!

Check out the ugly before photos:

Here’s what it took to give this white box a new life:
- Sanding all over
- Sanding off all the paint on the drawer
- 2 coats of primer
- 2 coats of high-gloss enamel paint from Benjamin Moore - Tropicana Cabana + Snowfall White
- Attached 6″ Mid Century Modern style wood & metal legs from Home Depot
- 2 coats of tung oil (on the drawer and legs only)

And the result:

Guest post by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart

About the contributor:
Nicole Phillips is a Vancouver based Graphic Designer and blogger.
You can learn more about her at visualheart.com or follow her creative side:

Jan Halvarson


Paula said...

Wow! Beautiful, really, really beautiful!

Sonia Otero said...

Me encantan los colores del interior y las patas escogidas, le dan un toque muy etéreo!!! ♥♥♥

Sonia Otero said...

Me encantan los colores del interior y las patas escogidas, le dan un toque muy etéreo!!! ♥♥♥

Novella said...

WoW! Never thought one could change it in this way!!!



Coco Cake Land said...

stop it!!! that is totally amazing! great job, nicole!

Anonymous said...

fantastic - it`s almost recognizable!

Hannah | Fox and Willow said...

LOVE a good makeover -that is crazy good!

Kelly said...

!!!!! This is gorgeous!

Cher Cabula said...

I love the unexpected pop of color and it compliments the wood shade beautifully!

Katie M said...

Astonishing! Such a beautiful makeover. It takes talent to see this beauty inside the ugly, beaten up original item.

NonaBruna said...

Me encanta <3

Mlncrd said...

That's an amazing job! And you got it for free! :D Very nice !

Melanie xx outofstandards.blogspot.fr

Kia said...

So gorgeous

Unknown said...

Wow that's amazing

Unknown said...

where can you buy those legs?