8 Fresh + Pretty Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Are you decorating eggs this weekend? We usually make it a Good Friday activity, and so I searched out recently for some fresh inspiration. You'd think after a point there would be no different way to decorate, but the internet still amazes me!  Here's 8 new ones I've noticed this week:

1. Decoupaged Eggs
Pretty colours of birds and butterflies from Livet Hemma.

2. DIY Natural Easter Egg Decorating
Beautiful colours using natural colouring. From Nourish and Inspire Me.

3. Mr. Humpty Dumpty Eggs
A playful retro-inspired cartoon face by Confetti Sunshine.

4. Watercolour Eggs
Painted pansies using water colour from Craftberry Bush.

5. White and Black Marbled Eggs
These pretty ones were made using nail polish by Henry Happened.

6. Botanical Decoupaged Eggs
Beautiful eggs with a free printable to make your own.  From The Paper Mama.

7. Egg + Box Printable DIY
A cute idea to give as a gift. From Carrie Can Blog.

8. Cascarones Easter Egg Surprise
A fun take on the traditional shell hits by The Paper Mama.

Jan Halvarson


Kristin Fleming said...

The humpty dumpy eggs are adorable!

Unknown said...

I love the humpty dumpty ones! So cute. The watercolor pansies are beautiful, but they look like they would be very difficult to make--only for someone with a VERY steady hand.

Cinnamon and Thyme said...

Watercolor! They are so beautiful :).

I made my eggs a little bit more special too, with old stamps, I love how they turned out :).


Happy Easter!

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

So sweet! Love the egg men! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Kristin and Maggie - i know it's so cute

Ana,Cinnamon and Thyme - cute idea!

Stephanie - :)