25 Awesome Etsy Furniture Finds + Shops

Ever since we joined Etsy Pages, I've been noticing all the amazing furniture listed there. And since then have been bookmarking more and more finds collecting a pretty awesome selection of sellers that collect or make the most amazing pieces.  From vintage mid-century modern to handmade coffee tables, here's 25 finds worth checking out.  (Hover over each image for more info, or click on them to visit them on Etsy)!

To see more of our furniture picks on Etsy, click on the image below:

curated by Poppytalk on Etsy

Jan Halvarson


//Terhi said...

Oh my, I totally want them all. I hope these will ship to Finland <3

Alice said...

wow, there are some amazing pieces! i will certainly be bookmarking some of them.

Anonymous said...

Some of these are SO amazing! Thanks for sharing these. I have a few new bookmarks now :) If I ever have the money left, I will look them up again. Until then, a girl can dream.

Sam said...

Hey Tehri,

I'm the guy selling the eames DCM chairs. I do ship to Finland if you're interested. Email me: samferguson3@gmail.com