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photo | brett stevens for real living
Just can't get enough of Australian design and magazines lately it seems.  They've obviously got it going on over there; and I always look forward to seeing what's new. Maybe it's all that sun? Everything does seem a little sunshiny happy doesn't it? Loving the relaxed, beachy vibe from real living's March issue; old with new, pops of colour in all the right places. Let's take a sneak peek! Above: any room with a surfboard takes it to a whole new level of cool, yes?

photo | greg cox - for real living
Above: And all these old colourful books.  Where did they find them all? This room just feels so welcoming and relaxed.  Below: Love a table in the middle of a kitchen, and especially when it's green!
photo | felix forest for real living
reportage du nord | decor images for real living
The owners made these leather strap handles and leather strap shelf for their cottage kitchen.  

photo | brett stevens - styling | jackie brown for real living
A cardboard dresser?  It's made from a company called Karton out of Victoria (Australia) and I found a few more pics of their cool products on their website (see below).   Seems they make everything but the kitchen sink (for obvious reasons).

Such a great concept –especially for temporary set ups, moving, or till you find the right piece.

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cristinabk said...

I just love the images you post here. They are awesome and candy to my eyes! Living in the tundra of Cleveland, any color just gives me a boost.
I love anything to do with beach & surfing. I grew up in Puerto Rico with many friends that were surfers. Back then, girls weren't into that. So glad that now girls DO surf!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Australian vibe but not so much on the cardboard!! Oh well, thanks for the beautiful inspiration.