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Here in the Pacific Northwest when February rolls around, we feel pretty clear of getting real cold winter weather. Just last week I saw some trees blossoming, the snowdrops were blooming and crocus and daffodils were peaking out of the ground. But this week's surprise dump of snow put a bit of a setback on that, and now I'm back to flower and plant buying to fill that green gap. A place I usually haunt online is Flora Grubb Gardens for that much needed green fix and this week I noticed these bright metal planters from Pot Inc.  Fun fact is Pot Inc. is from here in Vancouver and it's cool to find their collection all the way via San Francisco. I really don't know how I somehow missed them at this year's Home and Garden show. The Hover Dish Collection as they are called have a shallow profile which lends itself well to low lying succulents (our faves) or mounds of compact miniature perennials and can be used indoors or out.  We're loving the mod forms of the Dolga and Flango versions, and they also come in deeper styles.  See more at Flora Grubb Gardens and Pot Inc.

Jan Halvarson


NeatoKeen@Etsy said...

What an bright, welcome change of pace from the traditional wire baskets or, worse yet, the plastic pots! Tweeting and pinning!

Unknown said...


It's amazing. This suspended jars to dispose flours.

Very original.
Thank you to share.