DIY Macaron Soap

Contributor post by Emily and Erick of Hello Home Shoppe

Hi all, Emily + Erick from Hello Home Shoppe here. For this month's contribution, we were inspired to whip up these playful soaps in response to the long, dreary winter we've been having on the East Coast.

Not only do these soaps accompany a well-deserved winter soak, but their poppy scents and colors are a reminder that spring is right around the corner!

Note: In making this project, we couldn't find a macaron soap mold online so we chose to cast a REAL macaron to make our soaps look as realistic as possible. If you've never casted anything before, fear not! We bought a cheap mold kit and it took us less than 5 minutes to make. That said, if you are mold adverse, you can use a macaron mold intended for baking, but be aware it won't look as realistic since your macaron won't grow their characteristic "feet" that they develop if you were to bake them in the oven.

Things You Will Need:
Macaron (try a local bakery or Whole Foods)
Molding Kit (we like this one)
Plastic Container
Goats Milk Soap Base, cubed
Castile Soap
Soap Dye
Fragrance Oil (we chose grapefruit!)
Hand Mixer

1.) First, you will need to cast your macaron to make your soap mold. Make your mold mixture according to the manufacturer's directions (ours just had us ad water and mix) and pour into your plastic container.

2.) Carefully separate your macaron in two and gently press them into your molding liquid, taking care to do this quickly before mold hardens. Let mold harden fully then pop out macaron and discard.

3.) Melt a few cubes of your goats milk soap base (we use the microwave for 40 seconds) and pour in your fragrance.

4.) Add your soap dye to the melted soap mixture until you reached your desired color.

5.) Pour melted soap into your macaron molds and let harden for about 30 minutes. Pop out of mold once completely hardened.

6.) Now it's time to whip up the macaron "frosting" for the center. To do this, mix a few cubes of melted goats milk soap with a tablespoon of castile soap.

7.) Blend with an electric mixer until the consistency is frothy and peaks form.

8.) Spoon whipped mixture onto hardened macaron shells and sandwich together. (Tip: If "frosting" seizes up and gets hard, microwave for 5 seconds until soft and fluffy.)

Use your molds to make as many soaps as you'd like, package, and give as gifts--or treat yourself like we did :)

Emily + Erick
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Jan Halvarson


J9nKidz said...

Honestly, these are just absolutely sooo beautiful. I would love to learn how to do this myself. I would feel SOO special if someone made one and gifted it to me--imagine how wonderful I could make another person feel by making some for THEM!?!!! Amazing. I will keep this tutorial safe until I am further DIY experienced! Thank you again!

Kira said...

What molding kit do you use? I couldn't find a link on your website. I can't wait to try to make this!!

Andee @ said...

This is looks like so much fun! Now I just have to find some macaroons! :)

Miss X said...

Thinking of making these as wedding favors.. could you break down an approximate cost per soap?