DIY Leather Pendant Light

The ceiling lights at my apartment are always having issues (oh the joys of renting…) so I'm constantly looking for extra lighting that will fit in with my decor without being too obtrusive. This is a pretty quick DIY once you've gathered all of your material and I love how it looks in this corner of my little apartment. If you're a lover of leather and a fan of the pendant light craze - this may be the perfect DIY light for you!

What you need:
4 - 25" long leather straps
4" wooden circle plaque
On/Off socket
Switch Cord
Light Socket
Wire Cutter


How to make it:
-Measure the center point of the wooden circle and drill a 3/8" hole.
-Mark out four evenly spaced spots around the outside of the circle.
-Take your first piece of leather, cross the ends over each other to form an x, and then nail each end to one of the spots marked out on the circle.
-Repeat with the opposite side.

-Cut the remaining two straps down to 22" long.
-Cross the ends over each other to form an x again, putting the bottom of the loop into the middle of the loops formed by the other straps. Nail the ends over the straps that were already nailed in. Repeat with the opposite side.

-Take the switch cord and cut off the socket end of the cord. Use wire cutters to strip the rubber off the the wire ends.
-Pull cord through the top of the wooden pendant and down through top of the socket.
-Wrap the exposed wire around the screw on the inside of the socket and tighten. Repeat on other side. (See images below)

-Put socket back together, screw in a light bulb, and pull back into the leather loops.
-Trim the excess ends of leather at the top and hang up your new light!

Contributor post by Caitlin of The Merrythought

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Creative idea ! I like the leather!
xo Lieke

Laugh & Hope? said...

Looks amazing.

Coco Cake Land said...

caitlin! i love your projects... this is really awesome. would love to see a photo of it "on" when it's dark out, too! you should publish a book... :)

-Mir. said...

Hello, can you please let me know if this leather is painted or varnished? doesn't it burn by the heat of the lamb? how do you protect it from the heat? thank you very much in advance for your answer..

Ottilie said...

I love the idea, better than made of wood veneer

Caitlin said...

Mir - the leather that I used is just naturally tanned. No paint or varnish. There should be enough space between the leather and the light bulb when you make this that there won't be any problem with the heat.