Dispatch from Vancouver | Shop Stepback

Over the weekend we stopped in at Stepback, a beautifully curated shop here in Vancouver to pick up a set of antlers I had on hold (after they instagrammed it), and so I took a few shots with my iPhone to show you guys what an amazing shop it is if you like vintage.  It's one of my favorite shops here.  Located in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, Stepback carries a unique selection of vintage stock and one-of-a-kind items from natural curiousities to beautiful bakelite collectibles.

Bakelite cutlery $4 each

Bakelite Collectibles and Silver Serving Trays

Vintage luggage and other curios
Cartolina iPhone Cases

Natural Curiousities and vintage books

Photo from Stepback's Instagram
Vintage Tennis Rackets
Papergoods and Charts
Window Display. Photo from Stepback's Instagram

Stepback is located at : 2936 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6K 2G8 View map
Follow them online: 
Site:  stepback.ca
Instagram: @stepback_ca

All photo's by Poppytalk except those marked otherwise.

Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Love Stepback - been a fan for a long time. And such nice people too. Thanks for the Cartolina shot ;)

Vintage Home said...

Such a great store! And fun family!

Coco Cake Land said...

what a fun looking store! definitely have to visit - thanks for sharing jan! ^__^

Unknown said...

what a gorgeous store! I love that the piano is used to display vintage books.

Amber said...

I feel like, when ever I try this style, it looks kitschy and cluttered but this looks great! And I've always loved Vancouver