Dispatch from Calgary | Artist Maya Gohill

Maya Gohill is a Calgary-based painter/teacher with two degrees, a Bachelor's in Painting from the University of Calgary and a Master's in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. And despite her most recent training as an illustrator, she consistently returns to the oil painting medium where she gains inspiration from life, beauty, childhood, literature and music.  Her work is informed by her illustration background in both style and process.  She sees her work as a marriage between the two disciplines. And although she teaches at ACAD, her commission work is still very reasonable. We love her Satirical Portraits (above and directly below) and Vase Portraits (bottom two images).  See more of her work and for more info visit her site mayagohill.comThanks to Lori Andrews for the tip!


Jan Halvarson

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Unknown said...

Oh great! Maya is a local treasure is the hippest sort of way. Thanks Poppytalk!