Sunday Reading | Handlettering and Typography

This is a working weekend for me as I prepare our newest lookbook, so Sunday Reading will be a little short, but I thought I'd just drop by with a little eye candy from my Handlettering and Typography List on Etsy. So much good stuff, from vintage letters to fine custom packaging.  Have a lovely Sunday!

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Jan Halvarson


allison w. said...

i love that bonjour print! it's been on my favorites list forever... but it's so hard to pick just one print from that shop! i love your picks!

allison from wanderlings

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Allie! I know it is a fave!

Annemie said...

Ha I have that Bonjour print! I feel so "legit" now :D.
@Allison: I ordered four at the same time! So I feel you :)

Unknown said...

Lovely to see.

Unknown said...

Love all of those fonts and graphics! Great.