Flower Topped Buttercream Rosette Cupcakes

Contributor post by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

Love is in the air! I adore the look of fresh florals on top of cakes and cupcakes - bursting with romance and bright beautiful colours. Here's a simple buttercream rosette cupcake DIY - these would be so lovely for a wedding, bridal shower or a sweet surprise gift for a "special friend" (as my grandmother says) on Valentine's Day!

You Will Need:

One batch of baked and cooled cupcakes
One batch of vanilla buttercream
Gel food colouring in Pink and Violet (or your choice of colours)
A piping bag fitted with a 1M classic swirl tip
A selection of pretty florals, such as roses, ranunculus and anemone
A pair of scissors

Dreamy dreamy flowers... I'm so in love with these shades of violet, velvety rose red and fuchsia pink. You will want a selection of unsprayed blooms - you can use ones from your own garden, or make sure you ask the florist for flower stems that haven't been sprayed with any chemicals.

Bake a batch of cupcakes, then mix up a batch of vanilla buttercream. Using gel colours, tint your buttercream to the shade you prefer, or keep it ivory coloured! I wanted a pretty hue of pinkish violet, so I used a mixture of Wilton brand Pink and Violet gel colours. Start with a small amount and add more as needed, as gel colour is potent. Load your piping bag fitted with a 1M tip with your coloured buttercream!

To pipe a rosette:

 Hold your piping bag upright in the center of your cupcake. Begin squeezing out buttercream. 

While continuing to squeeze the piping bag, pipe the buttercream out in a counter-clockwise circular motion starting from the center of the cupcake and working you way outward.

You will make two or three rotations until you reach a full rosette-look swirl, then pull way the piping bag. 
Once all of your cupcakes are piped, use scissors to cut the stems from the blooms of your flowers. Leave about an inch of stem to insert into the cupcakes.

Simply tuck the cut rose or other flower into the buttercream, gently pushing the 1 inch stem into the buttercream to help adhere it.


Note: With freshly cut flowers, the flowers will begin to wilt after a few hours so I suggest placing the flowers in just before serving. You can also arrange the blooms on a select few cupcakes and have the rest simple, pretty, vibrantly coloured buttercream rosettes!

Do you have an event coming up which would benefit nicely from some prettily decorated cupcakes? Hope you enjoyed this easy decorating idea!

xo Lyndsay

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Lyn­d­say Sung is a baker and blog­ger at Coco Cake Land. She loves super cute cakes, sweet design and snacks. She lives in Van­cou­ver, Canada with her hus­band and tod­dler son.

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Vintage Home said...

oh my the colours are stunning...and it all looks so yummy..and beautiful!

Unknown said...

This color combination has been my obsession lately! I love that they're feminine, but also rich and decadent -- I'm not a very girly-girl, but those colors in the darker shades I can really get into.

Coco Cake Land said...

@vintagehome - oh thank you! xo

@vanessa - i hear ya! bright dark and bold seems to make it less ultra girly... :)

Anonymous said...

I love the colors!