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DIY Contributor post by Emily + Erick from Hello Home Shoppe

For this month's contribution, we were inspired by the upcoming wedding season to tackle one of the most aggravating part of pre-wedding preparations: wedding favors! We say most aggravating because when deciding on a wedding favor, it's difficult to find something that's cost-effective in large quantities, yet also still looks classy.

In many cases, wedding favors become an afterthought since most of the wedding budget is tied up in big-ticket wedding items such as the venue, the food, the dress, etc, so the industrious bride is often faced with the decision to DIY her favors.

To us, the perfect DIY favor is a mix of good design, practical application, and simplicity--because after all, as any bride-to-be will attest--there's enough to worry about when planning a wedding than spending hours DIYing a gift!

Read below for the tutorial!

Thick white paper
Craft glue
Bulk vegetable seeds of your choice
Access to a printer

1.) Download and print out the seed packet template on your thick white paper. Credit: Illustration courtesy of Laura Shema + Tom Hart of Jolly Bureau. Click HERE for the link.
2.) Cut out your seed packet templates.

3.) Fold back the large right flap that says "seed name."

4.) Fold back the thin side flap and bottom flap on the black lines.

4.) Fold back the thin side flap and bottom flap on the black lines.

5.) Glue down the flaps.

6.) Fill your seed packed with desired seeds.

7.) Label packet with seed type and care instructions. Seal top flap.

Emily + Erick
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Jan Halvarson


Catherine said...

I got married in the spring of 2001 & we attached seed packets to our seating cards. It was fun to hear family & friends talk about the flowers growing in their yards that came from our seeds. :)

Unknown said...

How do you download the packet for printing? I can't find a link to it anywhere???

Jan Halvarson said...

Unknown - it's in the text but here is the link also

Kait said...

Thanks so much for this! Let Love Grow is literally my wedding motto and I've been looking for something like this! :D

Claire said...

What a lovely wedding favour idea. I really like that guests can take something away that will grow over time. Very sweet.
Claire xx
somewhere... beyond the sea

Rory said...

Good idea! I share it on my blog today:
Thank you!

Emma - Longshot Press said...

Lovely! A while back I posted a printable seed packet if you're interested....

Anonymous said...

love this idea! thanks :D

Unknown said...

What a special idea! I have put together smaller cinch sacks for this very purpose. Cute.

white dream said...

i just took the templet