Dispatch from the UK | Boomf - Instagrams on Marshmallows

I just ordered a set of these delightful marshmallows from Boomf out of the UK that you make online using your favorite Instagrams. Say What? Yep, your Instagrams! Wouldn't these be fun for Valentines? It's so simple too.  From the makers of Projecteo (whom we talked about earlier this year) and Foldable Me, delight your favorite person (even yourself) with a set of photos you can eat! Can't wait to try one!

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

They are adorable!

Samantha xo

Claire said...

OMG that is the coolest thing ever!
Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

EmerJa said...

Super original...It's a pity to eat them!