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To celebrate the launch of their new cradle line "Roll" and "Pluma", Woodly, a new company based in Faviano, on the Parma hills, Italy will plant a tree for each cradle or cot purchased. The project is carried out in collaboration with Tredom.net, an Italian company that has developed a monitoring system for every planted tree where one can see the picture of their tree, or go directly to it to have a look at it.  Each tree is linked to a person and has its own web page where you can follow its growth.  Trees are planted in Senegal, Cameroon, Argentina, Malawi and Haiti where all projects are carried out individually by farmers and local cooperatives, and involve planting fruit trees, necessary to sustain their food self-sufficiency and help develop local micro-enterprises.

As you can see their new cradles are absolutely beautiful, each made with specific needs in mind.  "Roll" (the hanging cradle - above) is a suspended cradle that can swing and bounce, in different directions, simulating movements similar to inside the womb. A birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt sewn by hand "saddler" style. Within it a cotton and biological spelt husk mattress for comfort with a natural soothing and anti-suffocating function, for fantastic and worry-free naps. The inside of the cradle (the felt) can be pulled out and washed and can later become an elegant magazine holder, while the birch shell turned upside down can become a handy little table for the child's room.

The "Pluma" cradle (intended for those who like to stick to ground) is made with the same wool felt and is supported by a light (and strong) solid wood structure.

The Montessori floor bed is a playful cot allowing total freedom.  The child can easily climb on adn off he cot, but the side edges will prevent possible night tumbles.

Woodly also has a guest house at their factory in Italy where guests can come and see how products are manufactured. See more pics on Pinterest. Visit them online at:

Site: woodly.it
Facebook: facebook.com/Woodly.ecodesign
Pinterest:  pinterest.com/woodlyecodesign/

Jan Halvarson

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