Dip Dyed Valentine's Day Stationery

These dip dyed stationery sets are perfect for writing love notes on or giving to those you love as a Valentine's Day gift that they can use throughout the year.

What you need:
-Card stock
-Stainless steel bowl
-Fabric dye

How to make it:
-Cut your card stock to fit your envelopes. (3" x 5" envelopes should cut 3" x 10" or 6" x 5" pieces depending on whether you want the fold on the side or top.)
-Put steaming hot water into a stainless steel bowl/pan and mix in some fabric dye. Use some extra pieces of card stock to test the color. Add more dye until your get your desired color.
-Dip your cards and envelopes in the dye once it has cooled down a bit. Take it out quickly for a lighter color, pull it up slowly for a ombre look, and you can bend the paper a bit to get uneven lines. (Most envelopes are going to be lightweight - don't leave these in the dye very long)
-Once you pull them out, you can dab excess dye on a paper towel and then hang them to dry.
**Some of mine had a bit of a curl to them afterwards so I put it in between an old sheet and ironed over the sheet to flatten it out. You don't need to turn the iron up too high for this.)

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Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

This is so creative + beautiful. Thank you for the idea!

New Hair Every Day said...

Very cool. I think I might make something like this for my mom.


Anonymous said...

Love it, very sweet and dreamy.

Unknown said...

Simple to make - gorgeous result. I am going to try this for sure.

Angela said...

love this! will definitely be trying and let you know how it goes!

Britney Kay said...

These are beautiful! I am pinning this to remember to do it after my vacation. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jan Halvarson said...

Let us know how it turns out! Instagram us at @poppytalk

Electric Soiree said...

What a cute idea! Love it! > for inspiration > http://www.electricsoiree.com

Happie Reading said...

what a wonderful idea! love love love!

xo, Kelsey Young | Happie Reading Blog

Sunrise said...

Great idea! I may give it a try with water colors!

Unknown said...

I love that idea! I will definitely try it. I think some ink mixed with water would work as well! :)


MontgomeryFest said...

This is precious. Beyond excited to try this out..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love it!