Weekend Projects | 10+ Beautiful Gift Wraps to Make

1. Craft Paper Decorated 8 Different Ways
by Andrea of Aprons and Camera Straps.
Andrea set out to save on the cost of different store bought papers this year making her own using craft paper and different accessories. Click here to see how.

2. Winter Scene Gift Toppers
from Design Sponge
Wrap it with these winter scene images you can download from the Rijksmusuem’s collection. Get the how-to from Design Sponge.

3. Wrap with a Brown Bag
from Fossil
Design a holiday message on your computer then print out on a brown bag.  Get the how-to here.

4. Craft Paper + Dots
by Andrea of Aprons and Camera Straps.
Love this one using a white circle stamp . Click here to see for more info.

5. Make a Roller Stamp
by Handmade Charlotte
Make this clever roller stamp to print on paper and cards. Get the how-to here.

6. Handrawn Wreath Gift Tags
by Chelsea Costa
A pretty gift tag idea inspired by hand-drawn wreaths from Tristan at Besotted Blog. Get the how-to here on The Neighborhood blog.

7. Tree Topper
by Gimme Some Style
This idea is actually for a place setting but would equally work for a gift topper. Get the how-to here.

8. Printable Stickers
by Elegance and Enchantment
Decorate your pressies with these cute stickers from Elegance and Enchantment.  Click here for the download.

9. DIY Black Tree Garland and Stamped Wrapping Paper
by Henry Happened
A cute idea for a theme, cute black tree garland and matching stamped wrapping paper.  Get the instructions at Henry Happened.

10. Make a Giant Bow
with Kitiya Palaskas
Been loving pink and black lately, so I had to show you this gorgeous bow that just went up on Broadsheet Melbourne today by the talented, Kitiya Palaskas. Click here for the photo tutorial. Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen.

Jan Halvarson


gabricci said...

Love these ideas. Brown wrapping paper is my favourite because it lends itself to any occasion. I've written two articles for the Citizen - last Christmas and this one - on how to decorate a gift using this very inexpensive paper.



Is it okay to post these here?


Erin said...

I love plain brown paper for presents too. That roller stamp is amazing!

Claire said...

Such lovely chic wrapping. I especially like the use of a polaroid or Christmas postcard. Beautiful!
Claire xx

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

OMG ….. all of these presents KICK BUTT! I am so inspired! I have my roll of brown paper ready to go, I just needed some "fresh" ideas. Thank you! I love the trees and the pics on top. LOVE!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for sharing my wrapping Jan! Love all your other picks to! It's fun to wrap creatively!

Rory said...

Always super cool pictures!

Unknown said...

I love every single one of these!!!!