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I love our local shops and their owners. Besides them all being super-nice people, they also have amazing taste and they find the coolest things! Whenever I drop in to visit, I'm always amazed at what they have stocked (love them)! So I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite things for the holiday season from some of the shops. Bonus is you can also order these online, so you too can experience a little bit of Vancouver!

Note: Not all of my favorite shops are featured sadly (mainly due to time or no pictures available on their websites), but here are a few (all with gifts in mind for the holiday season).

1.  Sahn Bicycle Helmet, Walrus Home
2.  Billy Kirk Flap Card Case, Walrus Home
3.  Classic Canadian Socks, Old Faithful
4.  D.R. Harris Almond Shaving Soap in Mahogany Bowl, Old Faithful
5.  D.R. Harris Badger Brush (Ebony), Old Faithful
6.  Ivory Safety Razor, Old Faithful
1.  Canvas Laundry Cart (Indigo), Old Faithful
2.  Crosscut Boards, Walrus
3.  Wooden Top Mason Jars, Walrus
4.  Ceramic Incense Teepee, Old Faithful
5.  Cord Vase by Doug Johnston, Provide
6.  Cozy Cotton Blankets by Coyuchi, Provide

1.  Chai Tea, Old Faithful
2.  Salted Caramel Sauce, Old Faithful
3.  Chocolate Covered Hazlenuts, Old Faithful
4.  Smoked Organic Chocolate Chips, Old Faithful

1.  Tocca Beauty - Cleopatra Eau de Parfum, The Cross Design
2.  Neon Print Heart Print by Banquet, The Cross Design
3.  Amanda Vogler Jewelry, The Cross Design
4.  Comrags Dress, Eugene Choo
5.  Nesti Dante Vegetable Soap Bar, Heather Ross - Natural Eclectic

1. Terrarium Kit, Collage Collage
2. Cherish First Curl Box and First Tooth Containers, The Cross Design
4. Dream Animals Book by Emily Winfield Martin, Meadow Gifts and Apparel
5. Peepers by Sonja Ahlers, Collage Collage

1.  Writing Box, The Regional Assembly of Text

2.  Holiday Feast Pack of Buttons, The Regional Assembly of Text
3.  Canada Journal, The Regional Assembly of Text

1.  Fabric or buy someone a class at Spool of Thread
2.  Sewing Machines, Spool of Thread
3.  Buy someone a workshop (screenprinting, soap making, etc.) at Blim
4.  Diorama Kit, Collage Collage

Jan Halvarson

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so many great ideas! really enjoy the colors too!