Gift Guide | 25 Art Pieces For the Art Lover

Art, it's all very personal isn't it? I'm not sure if I am one to even begin to curate a selection of art seriously (although I'd love to try), but I do know what I like for art on my walls and if you're reading Poppytalk, maybe you might like some of it too? (I'll cross my fingers)! If you'll notice, I've taken liberty to sort of group pieces together that could be placed together on a wall if one wanted that option (usually in two's, sometimes in three's). Check them out below. and click on any of the images to be teleported to their applicable shops.

There are so many more I'd like to feature, but my post would be neverending. But if you wish to see more picks, click on the image below to take you to more of our art selections on Etsy. Or follow all of our boards on Etsy, here.

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Jan Halvarson


Anna said...

Great collection of work, I particularly love the Fab lolly painting!

PSbyDila said...

There are some really gorgeous pieces.

Anonymous said...

Very nice collection you've created here. I see quite a few pieces I really like... even better that they would go very well together in the same space. Thanks for taking the time to share these!

Andrea Fer said...

ohhh I love the "dress" painting...with the arm. So pretty...I'm a fan! I enjoyed this post very much!

Andrea Fer

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection! I love the painting by Kai Samuels-Davis...might need that one for me crafts room :) Thank you!