End Grain Block Flooring at Cartolina

Guest post by Fiona of Cartolina

As part of our ongoing project to update the Cartolina studio we decided that we needed a workshop. Doug built an addition onto the studio and decided to finish the floor using 'end grain block flooring'. It's actually a really old style of flooring that was commonly used on factory floors in the 19th century.We had some leftover beam ends in the shed from a previous project - kiln dried fir- and he set to work, slicing them up into 3" x 7" blocks, about 3/4 inches thick. It took him quite a long time to slice up all the blocks and sand the edges. Once he had prepared 850 blocks he glued them to the plywood floor using a non water based, flexible flooring adhesive. It was back breaking work(so he tells me!) As soon as it was dry he applied a coat of Watco oil stain and 2 coats of oil based clear finish. The results are spectacular. It has the look of cobble stones but with a rustic and warm feel. And best of all, it only cost the price of the glue and the finish!  If you'd like to know more about this process you can email Doug at doug@douglasjones.com

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Also of note: Doug created Poppytalk's wordmark earlier this year.  You can see his beautiful work at douglasjones.com.

Jan Halvarson


Cez said...

love, love and love it!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my word. That is just stunning!!!

Debra Norton said...

stunning Fiona!

Unknown said...

impressive! looks so great

Coco Cake Land said...

oh wow... that is very, very cool! amazing work and love the idea, fiona! xo

vintage honeybee said...

Wow that turned out beautiful. I would do that in a bathroom. It would be a small project that packs a big punch. I would have to seal it real good. Thanks for the idea.


Anna said...

Looks amazing!

Unknown said...

How thick are the slices?