Weekend Project DIY | Coconut Hanging Planter

Well hello everyone, I’m pretty excited to have been invited back to share another guest post on the wonderful Poppytalk blog - I’m Rachel, from OH NO Rachio! {you might remember me from the confetti duvet cover DIY I shared a little while ago here}.

Inspired by these gorgeous tiles I stumbled upon via Pinterest and my undying love for succulents - this little DIY project was born.

It requires very little in the way of budget OR skill and makes a super thoughtful handmade Christmas gift to boot - win:win right?

So to make yourself one of these little planters you will need:

* half a coconut shell
* a hand drill {I used this little craft drill from Amazon}
* 4 x 75cm lengths of string or twine
* 4 x wooden beads
* acrylic paints in your choice of colours
* washi tape
* a little metal keyring hoop
* a handful of succulent & cactus soil {similar to this one}
* some small succulents and cacti {cuttings would work nicely too}

Firstly you’ll want to decide on your design - I marked by shapes out with wash tape to make the painting part super easy!

Paint your little half coconut and leave to dry.

Once dry take your craft drill and pop 5 holes into your coconut, one for drainage in the base, and two on each side ad the top edge to hang it from.

Then take your twine and your beads - thread your twin through each hole, take the ends of the twine, along with a bead and gently push both ends of the twine through the bead {I found twisting it as I pushed it through made the process easier!}.

You should then have four equal lengths of twine held in place with a little bead. You can then take all eight pieces of twine and do one of two things - either take the easy route {like I did} and tie them all together at the top around your little keyring hoop OR if you’re feeling fancy, you could do a little bit of macrame with the eight lengths of twine before you attach them to the hoop! Pop a little soil into the bottom of the planter and take each succulent, loosening the root ball gently with your fingers to make placement easier.

Plant up all of your succulents and if you have some, add some little cuttings to fill any gaps around your larger plants {succulents like to get cosy}.

I made two up - one with a couple of larger plants, and one with lots of little cuttings. That was it - you’re done and all you need to do now is find somewhere nice to hang them!

{TIP: Succulents are pretty easy to look after - just make sure they get as much sun as you can possibly give them, and that you don’t over water them. Only water your little planters when the soil looks completely dry - usually once a week in Summer and once a month in Winter!}

Thanks for having me!

Guest DIY post by Rachel from OH NO Rachio
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Sarah Smith said...

this is a genius idea! I love it!

Andrea Fer said...

This is SO original, I am always looking for ways to repurpose things...I love it...good to even make three or so and hang them in front of a window!

Andrea Fer

Coco Cake Land said...

oh my gosh i love it! great DIY, rachel! ^__^

Caitlin said...

Love this!!

Introverted Art said...

oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. Just become my favorite DIY project ever.

Soliska said...

Where do you find the coconut? No luck anywhere in the grocery stores near me...