Make | 6 Mid-Week Decor Projects

A little DIY action for our mid week. From a cool himelli-inspired pendant lighting project to some amazing winter candles made out of tins and yarn; here's five DIY projects (and one application) for a little crafting inspiration.  Check them out!

1. Pendant Lights Himmelli-Style
By Mormorsglamour
Using straws and gold paint, a pendant light is made to look like wire. Click here for the instructions.

2.  Winter Candles
By myLifebox
Tin cans are painted gold, then wrapped in grey wool with wax poured into them. Get the instructions here.

3. Faux Log Stack
By The Lovely Cupboard
Another version of the faux log stack. Get the instructions here.

4. A Heart of Gold
Disclaimer: This isn't a DIY, but definitely a fun DIY application.  A gold heart decal from Urban Walls (you can get them on Etsy) looks so sweet above this little girl's bed. Image from This is Happiness.

5.  Cupcake Case Flower Garland
By The Craft Train
Make a pretty flower garland using cupcake liners in different sizes.  So fun! Get the instructions here.

6.  Make a fun Mountain Mousepad
By Little White Whale
Make this fun mousepad from a rectangle one and a little fabric. Click here for the instructions.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Thank you for featuring my project. I´m feeling very honored.

Gloria said...

The cupcake liner flowers are so cute :-) Thanks for linking to my mountain mouse pad DIY!