Friday is Bluorange!

Yeah, so I completely failed at the switcheroo of colours for Friday.  Some still think it's blue and others saw my orange memo.  So hey, it's bluorange!  Good thing though they're on opposite ends of the colour wheel and compliment each other so well!  So you choose.  Blue or orange!  See you near days end with a final round-up!  Don't forget to tag your images #fallcolors2013 on instagram! Happy Friday!

Top row:  @morganmaxfield, @elizabethhalt, @lisamsiebert,
2nd row:  @redesignedbym, @redesignedbym, @tslmama,
3rd row: @tslmama, @tslmama, @redesignedbym

Jan Halvarson

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ynas-design said...

Ahhh, good old Karmann :)