DIY Mini Rosette Cake Toppers

Contributor post by Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land 

Cake cuteness DIY - mini rosette cake topper edition. You'll be excited at how easy it is to make a cute little bunch of roses and leaves for your next cake creation. You can even whip these up and nestle them on top of a store-bought cake for a handmade touch.

You will need:
  • A ball of pink fondant (also known as sugar paste), a smaller ball of green fondant. You can purchase fondant ready-made at baking supply and craft superstores, or you can make your own fondant if you're feeling extra sassy. Fondant usually comes in white, so you can colour it using a tiny bit of gel food colouring in whichever colours you like. Cover your fondant when not in use with plastic wrap as it will dry out. 
  • A rolling pin
  • Some cornstarch for working with fondant
  • A sharp knife
  • A leaf cutter (optional) - you can also cut out leaf shapes with your knife. 

Step 1
Pull away some pink fondant from the larger ball and roll it in your hands to create a a sphere.

Step 2
With a back and forth motion, roll the ball between your hands until you get this lovely pink log shape. Use a little cornstarch in your hands to avoid sticky fondant.

Step 3
Take you rollling pin and roll out the "log."

Roll it out nice and thin into a strip.

Step 4
Using your fingers, begin to roll the strip towards the other end.

Now you have a super cute little mini rosette shape!

Step 5
Using a sharp knife, cut off 1/4 of one side of your rosette. Using your hands, shape the rosette's cut off side to give it a rounded appearance.

Step 6
Repeat until you have all the rosettes you would like!

Step 7
Roll out the green fondant. Using your leaf cutter or a sharp knife, cut out a leaf shape. You can use the knife to create leaf veins, also.

Step 8
Fashion your rosettes and leaves together - wouldn't this be so cute and perfect on top of a birthday cake, or even on top of a Thanksgiving pie?

Step 9
Place your rosette topper and leaves any way you like on top of a frosted cupcake.

Step 10 
Now put on your party frock, place your cupcakes on a tray and cruise on out to your party guests with your hands full of adorable rosette topped cakes! Enjoy!

Cakes, styling and photos by Lyndsay Sung 

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Jan Halvarson


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

That is the most adorable cupcake ever! Those little rosettes are to die for. Off to check out Lyndsay!

Unknown said...

Oh my this is such a good idea! Looks easy enough! Thanks for sharing xx

The Blue Farmhouse said...

That's too cute...I must try this.

Coco Cake Land said...

@tracey - thanks so much! i hope you try it out! ^__^

@richele - thank you! my pleasure - give it a try!

@the blue farmhouse - thanks so much - hooray!

Eileen | said...

This is adorable! You make it look so easy :)

Coco Cake Land said...

@eileen - thanks so much - it really IS easy! :)