Decorate Gastown Holiday Installations + Contest

Birch Bark Wreath at Bulthaup (93 West Cordova Street). Birch bark from wind-felled trees with a solid copper ring. In collaboration with Matthew Mate Lighting.

Falken Reynolds Interiors is now into it's third year this holiday season where they help their shop-owner neighbor friends in Gastown get ready for the holidays in style. "We started 'Decorate Gastown' three years ago as a way to say thank you to shop owners for their part in making Gastown such a great neighbourhood to live and work," says Falken Reynolds principal Kelly Reynolds. They volunteer their talent to design installations for these shops and the shops only pay for cost of the materials. 40 volunteers helped this year bring their concepts to life. All installations will be up by Black Friday, November 29th. So if you're in the area, take a stroll, catch the sales and vote for your favourite to have your name entered to win this 24" birch bark and copper wreath (above) —isn't it gorgeous? 


Inform's B&B Italia Window - "Home For the Holidays" in collaboration with Object Outdoors, Colin Campbell Carpets and Jeff Martin Joinery
Bulthaup - Birch Bark Wreath. Copper ring and clasp designed by Matthew Mate. Birch bark from wind-felled trees. In collaboration with Matthew Mate Lighting
Complex Geometries - Light Stick Tree. Repurposed flourescent tubes from the previous tenant.
JJ Bean - Woodwards - Coffee Sack Burlap Wreath
JJ Bean - Railway Street - Coffee Sack Burlap Wreath
Litchfield - Origami Inspired Craft Paper Cube
Lynn Steven Boutique - The Cozy Bookworm Scarf
Roden Gray - Christmast Columns in collaboration with Object Outdoors
Sea Monstr Sushi - Sapporo Can Wreath
Six Acres - Retro Multi-Light-Bulb Wreat

Inform Interiors (97 Water St.)

I'm especially loving this one at their Home For The Holidays window at Inform Interiors (97 Water St.) In collaboration with Object Outdoors, Colin Campbell Carpets and Jeff Martin Joinery. Also check out the video in action at Inform's instagram here. Image from falkenberg on Instagram.

Sea Monstr Sushi (55 Powell St.)
A fun beer can wreath for Sea Monstr Sushi (55 Powell St.) which took 125 cans of Sapporo to create. Image from falkenberg on Instagram.

Litchfield (38 Water Street)
Paper Cube Wreath at Litchfield (38 Water Street). 144 pieces of bristle board inspired by origami.

Click here to find out more about the contest along with more pics from the other shops.  Also visit falkenberg's instagram for even more photos.

Jan Halvarson


Vintage Home said...

wow amazing talent! I voted!

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

Oooo! That birch bark wreath is gorgeous! I just might have to head to Gastown this weekend to enter!

Stacia, Paper Swallow Events said...

Such a neat idea! Wish I lived close enough to come by!

kara rane said...

fun surprise of innovative wreaths!