7 Modern Advent Calendars

1.  DIY Advent Chandelier-style (with printables)
This beautiful version was made by Cherry Blossom blog using free printable templates via Minieco and Ruffled blogs. Get the how-to and links here.

2. Christmas Street Advent
This neon-inspired set is brought to you by the talented Mr. Printables. Get the instructions here.

3. Nordic Style
Who doesn't love the serene feel of white on white. Check out this one at (from last year) by Elisabeth Heier.

4. DIY Take-out Box
A cute and cheery version using take-out boxes in different colours from Studio-DIY.

5. Envelopes
A simple (yet pretty) idea from A Few Things from my Life.

6. Icy Crystal Advent
Another charming idea form Mr. Printables. Click here for the instructions.

7. Bonbon Wreath
Count down with treats and jokes tucked into tiny containers wrapped in crepe paper (bonbon style). From Oh Happy Day.

Jan Halvarson


Claire said...

No. 5 seems to be the simplest - yet it's my favourite.
Claire xx

Unknown said...

I love all of these! Such good ideas. I think my favourite would be the Icy Crystal one - the colours are so pretty x

Caitlin x


Anna said...

The ice crystal and street advent calendars are amazing! I am making my husband an advent calendar this year filled with pictures of things we have done during the year and little in jokes. I am ridiculously excited to see how he reacts each day :)

no matter said...

Love the little houses! Think I will make that one with the kids and put them in the kitchen.