25 Entertaining Decor Ideas for the Holidays

Someone told me yesterday that Christmas is only a month away, which made me freak a little bit and thinking I need to get my act in gear! Enough of this collecting inspiration business! I finally got a hold of those globe string lights this year (I've been wanting, but couldn't get last year because they were sold out everywhere) and I've also been sort of wishing for a white tree lately.  Here's a few images of ideas for holiday decorating I've been collecting.

1. A Little Swag
A double swag of string lights looks nice.  Photo via Tore my heart out.

2. A Thanksgiving Banner
A DIY idea from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess.

3. A Lacey Advent
Pull out the boxes to make this doily inspired advent calendar set. By La Maison de Loulou.

4. A Light Wall Tree
A pretty decoration that could be used as the main tree or just as decor. From Style Lovely.

5. Mini Trees
Mini trees or branches in bottles, decorated. By Enjoyourhome.

6. Tree Lit
A fun idea for outside.  Looks most amazing on black. Image via PlaneteDeco.

7. Feather and Twig Wreath
A cute DIY from Chatelaine. Photo by Sian Richards; Prop styling by Andrea Zadro and Julia Black.

8. A White Tree
Relying on different hints and shades of white makes for such a pretty tree idea. Via HGTV.

9. Wrapped and Tied
A pretty gift wrapping display all wrapped and tied to the banister.  From Frokeniknopp.

10. Gingerbread Man Garland
A cute idea for a garland.  Hang across a window, under the mantle, from wall to wall! Click here for the how-to.

11. Holiday Wall
A fun way to display holiday cards.  Image from Living Home.

12. Branches in Bottles
More classic Scandinavian style —branches in bottles. Via Planete Deco.

13. Pinecones in Jars
A simple idea, but oh so pretty! Photo by Tyler Rye Photography via Mountainside Bride.

14. DIY Fall Garland
Or how about a pinecone garland? The folks at Free People show you how.  Click here to see.

15. Charlie Brown Tree
A Charlie Brown Tree is always charming, especially when it is there to greet you when you walk in. Photo Marie Delice Karlsson for Lantliv.

16. Giant Snowflakes
Go big or go home with the snowflakes this year.  These lovelies are by MettaPrints on Etsy!

17. Jars + Candles
This is a nice vignette and simple (a little reminiscent of college days —the candle in the bottle), which can be rather romantic. Photo Marie Delice Karlsson for Lantliv.

18. Bring it Inside
Going crazy over these brass socket stringed globe lights which would be perfect for bringing inside for the holidays. From onefortythree.

19. DIY Paper Tree Garlands
These are kind of cute in their black and white theme. Hang paper trees for a modern take on the holidays. Get the how to at Nalle's House.

20.  More Indoor Lighting
I am definitely doing this this year.  Love the holiday trailer looking lighting.  This image is from a Kinfolk dinner event on Vancouver Island a while back (photo by Ameris Photography). Via Bleubird Vintage.

21. Holiday Card Display
Hang your holiday cards in this cute display idea via Cup of Jo. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot

22. Neon Stars
I love these neon stars hanging on the door, don't you? (Found via Marion House Book's Pinterest).

23.  DIY Laurel Wreath
A beautiful wreath that you can make (if you have heaps of bay leaves) or something similar that keeps it's green and is super strong. Visit About Garden for the how-to.

24. Succulent Table Centrepiece
I love this succulent table centrepiece by the folks at Flora Grubb Gardens.  So simple and delicate. Visit Flora Grubb Gardens.

25. Branch Advent Calendar
A favorite around the internet right now, this branch advent calendar by the talented folks at The Merrythought.  Get the how-to here.

How about you? How will you be decorating this year? Here's a few from my collection. Do you have any to add? Feel free to leave a comment! Happy decorating!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

These are all so great thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

As a child I couldn't wait for Christmas to come and now I don't want it to come so fast because I enjoy decorating our house for Christmas and even more I enjoy living with all this beautiful decoration...Sometimes, my decoration stays until February... I just started decorating my studio yesterday and loved looking through your images! What a great inspiration!

Coco Cake Land said...

ahhh fantastic collection, jan!

love that holiday wall of cuteness - so simple and sweet! (my kind of decorating, ha!)

i got globe lights this past summer... from andrea of lotus events! :) she had a personal garage sale just for me... craft and party supplies! :) where did you end up finding yours?


Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Lyndsay :) Oh and lucky you! I got them at Target - I think that's where Andrea said she got hers last year. But I heard CB2 had them too. You need to come to Richmond for a little Daiso and Target shopping!!!

Nina Joy said...

Thanks for sharing these great inspirational ideas! I especially love the beautiful yet simple Holiday Wall.
Blog Hug Nina Joy

Claire said...

So many lovely ideas. I love the gingerbread man garland. Adding that to my Christmas list.
Claire xx